Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fun!

So, one of my dearest friends, Ms. Jenny Remington, reminded me that I hadn't published anything on my blog in...well...almost 7 months. Ha! So, I took some really cute pics this weekend while at the pumpkin patch and I thought, "Hey, it's the perfect opportunity to post some pics and say hi to whoever might still be checking this blog--which, I don't blame you if you gave up. Ha!

Another of my dearest friends, Sara, came down with her daughter, Kate. We invited Jen and her crew (Jer and Reid) to join us at the pumpkin patch on Saturday in Marble Falls. We went last year with Gran and UB and had such a great time--we had to go back. I brought Ethan's cowboy costume for Halloween (the same costume Dave wore at that age) and Kate and Reid wore their costumes. They were sooooo cute! It was quite hilarious to try to get a picture of the three of them looking at the camera (didn't happen--Reid was completely engrossed in inspecting the grass, Kate was laughing, and Ethan was..well..being two!).

We took a hayride and had a great lunch with our friends. There were lots and lots of different pumpkins and in the end we all adopted several orange friends to go home with us.

Hope all is well and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Love, the Martini's

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The Yutzy Family said...

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the updated post! Way to go Kellie!! Great pictures of the kiddos. :) Ethan is such a big boy now. He and Landon are going to be twinkies this Halloween!